Anyone had success with Facebook Login and Firebase?

Im stuck at the Firebase/Facebook login. Has anybody had success with it?

I know there are many users who have had success with it, but we haven’t shipped any offical support/example yet.

@Andres. Any updates on this. Trying to get login working with firebase with username and password, but couldn’t get it done.

Hi guys, I’m working on this right now.


It’s coming :slight_smile:

Pain points for Google/Facebook authentication

There have been a few things that have made this difficult with foreign code right now the first is that these API’s (as a rule) ask you to extend the Activity (on android) or AppDelegate (on iOS), which we havent added a way to do. Internally I have added a few uxl macros to allow this in future releases but it’s not out yet.

The biggest change was that for google authentication they want you to be using at least the whereas up until now we have been using the regular Activity class. This change is also done internally (and boy is android unhelpful with it’s errors) but has yet to be shipped.

Back to the good news

Regardless, these changes are working internally and I’m working on the user api for the service this week.

We will defintely shout pretty loudly when it’s shipping so hang in there. The first deliverable will be Email, Google & Facebook authentication and we will expand from there.

Hope this finds you well, thanks for posting

Hello, any progress ?

Yes, we have progress. At least authentication part of Firebase should be covered. I think the plan is to open source what we have now as soon as we have rolled out some of the changes Chris mention above.

Small update

  • Large, required changes merged to Uno
  • Working on documentation today

Getting there :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

Not trying to push it or anything. But wondering if you possibly have an eta for the Fuse Firebase Authentication support release?

Reason is I gotta dive into authentication for my app today and would be using firebase. Hearing that you are “Getting there” depending on how long, I’m wondering if I should wait for it and focus on something else for now or carry on with trying to get it working (which I have no idea as to how)!

Your reply would be greatly appreciated!



We are waiting for the next release to go through testing. Then we need to check that we got everything in there and that it works. Probably next week, that is the best I can give you.
I would not count on it for any production critical app before you actually get your hands on it. This is not a complete/perfect wrapper, but hopefully the start of a project where community can help fill in the missing stuff.

Hi Anders,

Thanks for the reply and it’s good enough to help me make a decision! I’m gonna go with trying to do get all working with their web api for now until I could get my hands on the fuse wrapper and hopefully contribute to it as well!



You can genuinely watch this space --> :slight_smile:

I’m pushing code after the next release is out and I can do one more pass on testing on it.
Documentation is there for what I have done and I hope it will be in a good enough state that we can all start hacking on it. This will be one of our first properly open projects so I’m pretty excited.

What is done is pretty basic but it’s a place to start

This is Awesome!! Thanks Chris!

Can’t wait to start hacking at it!!



-Cough- they’re live -Cough-