iOS build fails (due to firebase?)

We are about done with the next version of our app, and it works perfectly on android! (Build from PC win 10)
When we build the iOS version to preview on an iPad(Build from Mac Book Pro macOS 10.12), it runs, and then crashes at sign-in. We believe it has to do with the Firebase libraries we have included.

This is the github of our app that is crashing - the developFixed branch

We are running Fuse version 1.3.1 (build 14674) on both PC and Mac
We are totally lost, we RARELY use macOS.
Any help would be appreciated

you can use these credentials to sign in.
Email -->
Password --> test123

Because we use the firebase authentication, these build commands are necessary to run on a device:
Android --> fuse build -t=android -r
iOS --> fuse build -t=iOS -DCOCOAPODS -d

Hi Isaac.

Tested, and it didn’t really die on me. All I got was a hint that the Storage file you’re trying to write to at some point didn’t exist. You really should migrate to using FileSystem instead, and checking if the file exists (and writing it if it doesn’t) before you read it.

Aside from that, debugging your crash on iOS is somewhat straightforward using XCode. Once the project opens in XCode, navigate to the “breakpoints” tab and add a breakpoint that triggers on all exceptions (see pic below).


Once the app dies, you should be getting a stack trace on the left that allows you to figure out what the potential cause was. Oh, and you should test (and report back) different iOS versions. It is not uncommon for things to break on one, while all others are happy.

This morning, our MacOS updated, we updated Fuse. Still crashing, but threw the error that Bad interpreter Missing files etc,

We reinstalled COCOpods and it run without a hiccup on an iPad