Device not found

So, I was trying several times to live preview to my lg g4c. I have enabled USB debugging and I have had difficulty to find drivers as lg did not provide any, but i found some in a forum post somewhere and after 40 minutes of compiling it says that it cannot find and Android device. When it is just connected to it through USB and it is unlocked. Please help.

Hi, does the device show up in adb devices? Have you enabled developer mode? Please have a look at our troubleshooting for Android document.

I tried that, but there’s a small problem. adb is not in my path. my path is huge so programs can change it and I have to change it my self. do you know where is android apk getting installed by the fuse get android command or however it is called?

EDIT: I opened the link and it wrote the adb location. anyways thanks!

2nd EDIT: Sadly no. My phone doesn’t get shown on the adb devices command. I have developer options turned on, usb debugging on, actually my phone has a notification to touch if I want to disable usb debugging. then it must be the stupid drivers that I found. I will try an option in my phone settings to install some drivers to the pc that it is connected. hope it works!

3rd EDIT: Finally, after half an hour of searching finally found official drivers for my phone. Searched in the us support, uk support and it was in the greek support. god.

Thanks for helping me out. Finally it works!

Great! I’m glad to hear you got it working in the end! :slight_smile: Getting the correct Android drivers can be a hassle some times.