ERROR: No Android device connected

I have a problem starting preview Android: Build completed in 246.08 seconds. 0 Warnings 0 Error(s) Build ended Waiting for device (7…) Counts down to (1…)

ERROR: No Android device connected

The Samsung mobile was connected with USB-cable. In file manager it appears in Devices and drivers as: Oivind Mork (Galaxy S4 Active) The PC and the mobile is in the same WiFi network with IP addresses and The Firewall is switched off. I have loaded different USB drivers for ADB. I am using HP Elitebook 8540w with Windows 10. Should the Android device be detected automatically?

Have you checked your phone during this process? Depending on your settings, some phones will require you to manually consent to USB debugging, for security reasons.

Also, if this is your first time using adb against your phone, you might find you have to turn it on first from the developer settings on your device.

Checking the phone, but no nothing happen. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Android version 5.0.1 I have turned on the debug mode in the developers settings. I think the USB driver for ADB is not able to present the device to the fuse.exe. Do you know about a good USB driver?

The USB drivers are vendor specific so you definitely need one from Samsung in order to connect your S4.

The one on this page should work:

C:\ProgramData\Uno\SDKs\AndroidSDK\platform-tools (Windows hidden )

have no adp devices. adp.devices or ??

I will try the driver change tomorrow.

Yes, this USB driver works. Thank you Remi.

I also get a lot of trace outputs.

One of them is : Skipped 148 frames! The application may be doing too much on its main thread.

This is probably some trace I have ebabled in the mobile.

I changed my samsumg galaxy S3 for a Moto G (4) and download the latest window driver and always have the error,

Somebody have an Idea to fix it ?

You also have to enable usb debugging on the phone as described here :slight_smile:

Hi Remi,

You had right, the usb debugging was off. Thank’s. I’m still having the following error:

Failed to connect, Please check that this device is connected to the same network as your computer. Failed to connect to proxy: Connection timed out.

My router have

Thank’s to help me !

It’s now OK, my Wifi was disabled.

Thank’s !