Demo App 2 broken on Fuse 0.1.2082

Steps to reproduce:

Actual Results:

  • The first and the last pages (featured and search) were broken, just showing an empty page
  • The second page (photos) showed the photos correctly with scrolling

Expected Results:

  • All pages are working just like the sample screen shot shown in the example page

Workaround (if any):

  • N/A

screen shot


Thanks for reporting this issue. There seems to be a small bug in style cascading in the UX simulator. The Button gets its text proerty set by the Theme although is has the ux:Cascade=“false” attribute set. If you view the app in Preview or export it you should expect it to look correct. I have raised an internal ticket, I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

Here is a workaround for the time being:

<NavigationBar DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" FontSize="10">
    <GridLayout RowCount="1" ColumnCount="3" />
    <Panel ux:Class="NavButton" />
        <Text Alignment="BottomCenter" TextColor="#fff" FontSize="12" Font="RobotoRegular" />
            <Rectangle ux:Binding="Appearance">
                <SolidColor ux:Name="_buttonColor" />
                <Change Duration="0.10" Easing="CubicInOut" Target="_buttonColor.Color" Value="#fff" ux:Name="_buttonColorPressing" />
                <Scale Factor="0.8" Duration="0.1" Easing="QuinticInOut" DurationBack="0.25" />
            <ResourceBinding Target="_buttonColor.Color" Key="C500" />
            <ResourceBinding Target="_buttonColorPressing.Value" Key="C700" />
        <Icon File="Assets/featured.png" />
            <NavigateTo Context="_nav" Target="_featured" />
        <Icon File="Assets/gallery.png" />
            <NavigateTo Context="_nav" Target="_photos" />
        <Icon File="Assets/search.png" />
            <NavigateTo Context="_nav" Target="_search" />

Replace the NavigationBar with this code. Here I made a custome type by using the ux:Class on a Panel. This is equivalent with:

public class NavButton : Panel { }

Hi Vegard,

Yes. Your code fixed the labels on the NavigationBar. screenshot

However the pages still doesn’t show the TextInputs, Buttons and Slider like the example screen shot. screenshot

Wops, I see that the example is not up to date with the most recent changes in the fuse libraries. There was small change in the DockPanel layout rules. The Panel right after the navigationbar is changing from

<Panel DockPanel.Dock="Bottom">


<Panel DockPanel.Dock="Fill">

I have updated the example code :slight_smile:

Hi Vegard,

Everything works cool now, thanks.