Fuse (beta) release 0.23

Fuse 0.23 is out!

Get it now at the download page.

This release fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug where fuse install android command would crash
  • <SolidColor Opacity="..." /> now works when used on Shapes and Panels inside a NativeViewHost
  • Fixed an issue where toggeling IsPassword would make TextInput on iOS change font and its caret glitch
  • Fixed an issue where IsPassword="true" would use the Android default monospace font. Meaning that Font="..." now works on Android password TextInputs
  • Fixed an issue where the background on iOS TextView would always be white
  • Added support for <Panel Background="..." /> and <Panel Color="..." /> on elements inside a NativeViewHost
  • Fixed an issue where Native views could “pop” for 1 frame as their transforms were not up to date
  • Match now inserts its nodes just after itself in the parent. This maintains the intended order. Previously is added to the end of the children – if you need to this then move the Match itself to the end of the children.
  • Fix an issue where changing the HitTestMode did not update the hit test bounds
  • Event-binding now correctly converts arguments, to prevent issues with invalid conversions when triggering events.
  • Fixed an issue on desktop where Caret would jump when an empty TextInput got typed into
  • Fixed an issue where databinding PlaceholderText to an observable could make iOS crash
  • Fixed an issue where errors during data-binding could result in an unhandled exception

Idk what you guys did from 0.22 to 0.23 but the local preview opened really fast the first time after an uno clean :smiley: