Crash-to-desktop Panel + Uno Navigation bug

I seem to be a specialist at crashing Fuse to the desktop, so here is another bug I found.
Fuse crashes when you have a second Panel within App and then navigate to another page.


<App Theme="Basic" ClearColor="#fff" ux:Class="MainView" ux:AutoCtor="false">
        <HierarchicalNavigation ux:Name="_nav" Active="PageA" />
        <Page ux:Name="PageA">

        <Page ux:Name="PageB">



using Uno;
using Uno.IO;
using Uno.Collections;
using Fuse;
using Fuse.Elements;
using Fuse.Triggers;
using Fuse.Controls;
using Fuse.Gestures;
using Fuse.Navigation;

public partial class MainView

// ------------------ On Load ------------------ \
    public MainView() {
        Timer.Wait(5, splash);

    void splash() {
        _nav.Goto(PageB, NavigationGotoMode.Transition);    }