Fuse default project


I tried the fuse the fuse default project (the slide), and preview to an android device. After some great wow to test the app, i just want add another slide, its 'really simple but, yes there is always a but… the last slide i added doesn’t fill 100% of the width like others screen:

<Page ux:Name="page4">
        <Text Width="70%">This toggle switch disables your ability to swipe between pages</Text>
            <Switch Alignment="BottomCenter" Margin="0,80">
                    <Change canSwipe.Value="false"/>
        <Image File="Assets/background2.png"/>
        <WhileActive Threshold="0.5">
            <Change statusBarConfig.Style="Dark"/>

Image is best as a long text : http://hpics.li/e67e1b3 and http://hpics.li/9194337 as you see the second image doesn’t fill the whole width.


Hi, this is due to the Margin="-10" on the Image on page 3. This causes the image to be 10 points larger than the page, again causing it to overlap the image on page 4.

I’m not sure why Margin="-10" is in the example template, I’ll make sure someone updates it to avoid this confusion.

The margin is there because of the Blur effect. Without it, the blur looks bad around the edges. Starting with the next version of Fuse, page3 will have ClipToBounds="true" to avoid the issue you’re seeing.

In the mean time, you can add it yourself if you like, by changing

<Page ux:Name="page3">


<Page ux:Name="page3" ClipToBounds="true">