Crash in Scroller

Fuse.Gestures.Scroller.get_IsActive - C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Gestures\0.1.0\$.uno:212 Fuse.Gestures.Scroller.OnUpdated - C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\Fuse.Gestures\0.1.0\$.uno:405 Fuse.UpdateListener.Invoke - C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\FuseCore\0.1.0\$.uno:3394 Fuse.UpdateManager.Update - C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\FuseCore\0.1.0\$.uno:3511 Fuse.UpdateManager.Update - C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\FuseCore\0.1.0\$.uno:3468 Fuse.App.Update - C:\ProgramData\Uno\Packages\FuseCore\0.1.0\$.uno:117 Outracks.RunDomains.UnoCoreInterop.UserCodeDispatcher.OnUpdate - Outracks.RunDomains.UnoCoreInterop.UserCodeDispatcher.OnWindowEvent - Outracks.RunDomains.UnoCoreInterop.UserCodeDispatcher.DoEvent -

for (int i = 0; i < _node.Behaviors.Count; i++) <—

Having a hard time to make a well contained testcase though

Is this a consistent crash or happens randomly?


It happened because the Page with the scroller was removed from its parent right after it was navigated from. I just delayed the cleanup, so definately not a blocker no. It was pretty consistent but wasnt able to reproduce in a contained testcase. However, I made that before I understood the reason, so I could try to remake a testcase a bit later


Doesnt really make sense to remove page1 as it is navigated from (and it is fixed by just waiting a bit before removing it if needed), but it probably shouldnt crash :slight_smile:

To reproduce just click the button and then click anywhere on the next page

Thanks for the test case!


I am not able to reproduce the crash with your test case. Are you still experiencing it? What export target are you using?

It happened in preview, Ill try again when i have the time :slight_smile:

The issue has been fixed and will be available in a release in a few days.