WhileScrolling Trigger

Fuse currently lacks a Trigger to be active while a ScrollView is being scrolled, the attached Uno class does the job. it was adapted from a year old forum post to work with the current version 1.0.1 - as I’m not an expert in the language it would be nice to have someone look if everything is correct. I’ve already tested a lot.

If there is no room for improvement, its OK to do a PR to the fuselibs?
My main doubt was how to write automated test for it…

Hi Igor,

top job right there! A pull request against fuselibs-public would be very welcome. Keep in mind that we also have a WhileInteracting trigger, which is semantically and functionally slightly different from what you did, but a good reference point anyway.

As for tests, the ones already written for other ScrollView things might be a good starting point: https://github.com/fusetools/fuselibs-public/tree/master/Source/Fuse.Controls.ScrollView/Tests