Change auto generated code

Is it possible to change the auto generated code before generating?
I inspected the macOS Fuse package but didn’t find predeifned classes where this could have been done.
So is every output code generated by code?

Use case:
Changes made due to bug fix workaround or extension of the original code base can be applied after loading the output code into the plattform specific dev tools. But this has to be repeated each timr uno clean was executed and can because of that be forgotten to implement in production cycle.

A part of the code that affects what gets generated lives in open-sourced fuselibs. I presume I’ve answered your more specific question here.

Hi Uldis,

thx for answer. The generated Xcode states:
// This file was generated based on /usr/local/share/uno/Packages/Fuse.Controls.WebView/1.8.1/iOS/
// WARNING: Changes might be lost if you edit this file directly.

But changing this local does nothing. Is the code really loaded from git at compile time?