XCode/Android Source code

I’m a native iOS & Android developer, so i was eager to look at the source code generated by fuse. I see lot of files in “Source” folder in XCode, hard to understand with C++ even when i choose Native theme. Is there a way today or in future, we can starting building the production App on top of the code generated by the Fuse.

Hi Rahu,

You can build native production apps directly in Fuse. You can read more about that in the export section of the handbook. This is indeed how Fuse is meant to be used. Exporting to C++ and continuing to work on that code base is not recommended, even if we try to keep our generated C++ readable.

If you however are looking for ways to build components or UIs in Fuse, and re-use those inside your existing app, this is something that we’re working on creating better support for.