Fuse (beta) release #0.5.6000


Release highlights:


  • Changed location of fuse on OS X to /usr/local/bin

Fuse libraries


  • Better support for multitouch on android
  • Added support for launching apps using a custom Uri

Go here to download!

Could you at Fuse please start to add documentation aswell at same time writing these release messages when launching new features and linking to it? At my job we aren’t even allowed to merge in code before the documentation also is done and I think its a good thing. Writing documentation later on often leads to forgetting something or its never used because nobody knows about it.

QR Salg: We generally try to do this. Is there any particular change you experienced with this release that lacks documentation?

“Added support for launching apps using a custom Uri” but the answer came in the Uno slack channel https://fusecommunity.slack.com/messages/uno/ someone else asking for the same.

We are working on a brand new docs page which will focus on working with UX/JS features. Apologies for things being a little out of sync at this stage of the beta.

I’ve been away (from Fuse) for a few months, and WOW did you make progress!!