Can't get FuseJS to work!

Hi, guys.

I’m trying to get FuseJS to work with no success. Fuse (without FuseJS) works like a charm. However, when turning the project to FuseJS I get this error in Fuse Studio:

Error reifying file: ".../TodoApp.js": Failed to refresh because: Failed to load all assets dependencies.

In Studio, when I click in “Preview -> Rebuild”, I get this:

ERROR: Failed to start transpiler server. ApplicationName='node', CommandLine='"/{user}/Library/Application Support/Fusetools/Packages/FuseJS.Transpiler/1.8.0/server.min.js"', CurrentDirectory='', Native error= Cannot find the specified file. Make sure 'node' is installed and in your PATH.

I have Node installed on my machine (I use nvm).

I’m using Fuse version 1.8.1.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Carlos

Did you find a fix to your problem? Having the same issue with Fuse 1.9.0.

Best regards


So… it turned out that I did not have Node installed on the computer that made the fuzz. After installing it no problems!


Hi, @Morten!

Sorry for the late answer. No, I didn’t find a solution to this problem. I haven’t used Fuse ever since.
I’m happy to know you found a solution to your problem :slight_smile:

Kindest regards,

Hi Carlos

Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to hear that you didn’t find a solution. FuseJS is really one of the features that makes fuse open light years better than competitors like React Native and Flutter.

Best regards


Indeed! And I’m a big fan of the tool. I hope it gets more traction over time.

Unfortunately, Fuse team had suffered from bad marketing decisions (Fuse Pro subscription, to name a few). But I’m still a big believer :slight_smile: