can i connect my fuse app to c library?

I wanna ask u just this title.

can i use my c library on my fuse app?

for e.g…

c - int sum(int a, int b);

fuse - how can i call the function sum in c-library?


Apologies for the late reply!

This is possible through UXL right now but there is no documentation online on these features. We’re working on it!

As a teaser, for example, you can write inline C code in Uno code:

extern<int>(a, b) "sum($0, $1)";

I’ve gone ahead and fixed up our internal handbook for using UXL, and published that with the official docs here:

Note that this documentation should be considered preliminary, but should be complete enough for you to dig through should you need to use these features :slight_smile:

oh, thank u for the answer.

I will create a library using C. then the output file is .so file.

Can i use this .so file in my fuse app?

otherwise, can i get the uno- inline c sample ?