New to Fuse, looks interesting. Can I link my own C++ code into a Fuse app? Or, utilize libraries like POCO C++? Thanks!


So, not sure anyone cares, but as I ramp up on Fuse, I’ve been able to load the Gallery app into VS2015 and build/run/dbg the app as C++ app running on Win10 via 32bit build of Gallery sample app. Super interesting stuff… The only gotcha was the Fuse Build (via Sublime) that generated the MSVC source/project tree was expecting a certain version of MSVC compiler to compile. But, after a clean build those warnings have disappeared.

I guess what’s interesting to me and anyone wondering how/if we can put our own C++ into a Fuse app, it seems you can and I’m researching the interop stuff. But, I’m just wondering where the class “Xli::Application” source tree is maintained. It looks like it was on Github and now isn’t?

But, for those of us that might want to build layers/modules for our app in VS/C++ and then lay that into our Fuse app, looks like a deep integration with VS is possible on this front.


Hi Chris this is Chris,

Adding c++ code to your fuse projects is one of our strengths. As you no doubt have seen, we have Uno behind the scenes which is a c#-like language which compiles to native code on all platforms (which means c++/objective-c++ on android & ios). We have a feature called UXL which allows you to do a bunch of stuff (to much to list here) with the native languages behind the scenes. To find out more, see here https://www.fusetools.com/learn/guides/uxl-handbook.

We do have uxl functionality for linking in c/c++ libraries but it isnt documented in the handbook above. What I’ll do is post the uxl for how we link in a helper library we use for our v8 backend, combined with the handbook above it should give some idea of where to start. Obviously we are still here when you have more questions so keep 'em coming!

Find the big uxl sample here: https://gist.github.com/cbaggers/96cc17be51bc6ab70556

Hope this helps!

Ok, perfect! Right, since I may hack Fuse to deploy a Win32 app for one scenario/app I need to develop, linking in some existing libs like POCO would be great. And, even on mobile, I plan to build a core layer that is portable to Android/iOS and will be my data/models/security library. I know a lot of complex apps out there take this approach and it’s a good option. Now, as I learn more about Fuse and become competent with it, I plan to use it as my only UI/UX tool. Which as you guys well know, it’s a kick ass proposition when you combine cross platform core app logic with something cross platform and native on the UI layer… Congrats on the effort, the code is pretty cool behind the scenes. Thanks for the help!