Integrating Fuse with OpenGL ES and C++

I am new to Fuse. I already have an application written in C++ that uses OpenGL ES for Android and IOS. Is it possible to integrate it with Fuse for the UI components. Basically I want to draw Fuse on top of the application and get callbacks in C++.

Currently Fuse needs to own the process, and can’t be used as a library. We are however working on a new feature that will allow you to use pieces made in Fuse inside your existing app.

In the mean time, if it’s possible for you to let Fuse be in charge, and call out to your existing code as a library, this can be done using foreign code.

Thank you. Is there anything available to test Fuse as a C++ library?

Not at this point, no. The ability to use Fuse as a library will also be a premium feature, and not available in the Free version of Fuse.