CameraRoll module not found

Hi guys, i’m trying to use the cameraroll module without any success when i requiere the module its say to me that the module is not found this is , what i’m doin


adding this in .unoproj file then i required it in my js file

var CameraRoll = require('FuseJS/CameraRoll');

is the module working?

What version are you on? and make sure to do an uno clean when changing your unoproj file

its worked many thanks , do you know where can i found interface/methods for this module?

There is a gist somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it, but the docs will come soon. But just use this helper method:

function logKeys(obj) {
    for (var key in obj) console.log('KEY: ' + key + '|' + obj[key]);

logKeys(CameraRoll); and then it'll log every property and try to figure out how to use those methods

many thanks @edwin , its worked and the module work as expected