CameraRoll docs is missing

When you click to go to it says the page is not found, any reason for this? I was able to get to that page by going to the download page and looking at the updates and clicking on the fuse.cameraroll

Yes, sorry about that, we are aware of it. This will be fixed when we roll out the next release.


Allows adding images to- and fetching images from the system image gallery.

Fuse represents images as frozen JavaScript Image objects, consisting of a path, a filename, a width and a height. Once created or acquired, Images can be passed around to other APIs to use, fetch or alter their underlying data. All images are temporary “scratch images” until storage has been specified either through publishing to the CameraRoll or other.

On Android using this API will request the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions.


Starts an OS-specific image picker view (user-configurable on Android).

@return (Promise) a Promise of a local read/writable Image copied from the camera roll.


Adds a copy of the Image instance to the system camera roll.

On Android this is done by copying the image to the application’s public image storage directory and notifying the media scanner.

On iOS this is done by uploading a copy of the image to an asset collection named after the application within the system photo library.

@param image (Object) The image to publish

@return (Promise) a Promise that resolves to true when/if the publish completed

Hi Anders,

is there any other option to get a list of images in the CameraRoll to be able to build my own image selector?

thanks in advance,

Yea is multiple image selection being worked on?