Bug in large TextView inside a ScrollView

When I have a TextView inside a ScrolView and a write a lot of text the ScrollView center the TextViewin the center. And the text hide below the keyboard. Like this video:


Its possible to center the ScrollView in the Bottom of the TextView? So the Text I’m writing always be visible…

  • Fuse Version (0.21)
  • OSX

I’d also like to know how to do this

It is not possible?

We do have an issue to better control the BringIntoView feature, but it can’t really solve the problem here. There’s no real good way to manage a TextInput that is larger than the available screen-space. Moving to the bottom only works if the user is actually at the bottom. What happens if they want to edit text in the top invisible part then?

I’m going to add an issue to investigate what possibilities we have. Somehow we need to be able to have editing of large chunks of text.