Scrollview not back to original state after TextInput loses focus (BottomBarBackground)

I’m having a problem with a simplified version of this Sample:

When typing something in the <TextInput> and then click somewhere on the screen (so TextInput looses focus and keyboard disappears), the ScrollView doesn’t scroll back to the original position.

After the Scrollview is in the ‘wrong’ position it stays there till putting the <TextInput> back into focus, and then out of focus by pushing the on-screen keyboard ‘next’ key.

This all happens in iOS preview Xcode Simulator (iPhone5s)

Fuse version 0.35.0 (build 10867), OS X 10.12.2, Xcode Version 8.3.1 (8E1000a)

(Unfortunately the wifi of my phone doesn’t work, so I can’t test on device)

<Page ux:Class="Pages.TestPage">
	<Router ux:Dependency="router" />

		<StatusBarBackground Dock="Top"/>
			<ScrollView Dock="Fill">
					<Text Margin="50" Value="Hello World" />
				    <Rectangle Margin="50" Height="100" Color="Blue" />
				    <TextInput Margin="50" PlaceholderText="I'm scared of keyboards" />
		<BottomBarBackground Dock="Bottom" IncludesKeyboard="true" />


Hi WilfredR,

I tested this on macOS Sierra 10.12.3, XCode 8.3.1, Fuse

In my case iPhone 5S simulator behaves exactly as expected and the scrollview snaps back to where it was, disregarding if I click the return key on the keyboard or if I click outside of the textinput.

Seems like the issue was fixed between Fuse 0.35 and 0.36.1

In the mean time I’ve updated to Fuse

And the seems to do the trick. Now behave as expected.

Mea culpa for not updating