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Scrollview does not scrolls back when keyboard closes

Android. I’m experiencing a problem very similar to this old post about a issue that happened with Fusetools 0.35 but then fixed with version 0.36.

I have a form with a number of TextInputs. When I tap a TextInput the keyboard opens and the content scrolls so that the tapped TextInput is positioned at the center of the visible area. If the keyboard is closed with the back button the form scrolls to the previous position. Perfect!

But when I tap the last, or the second-last TextInput, and then I close the keyboard with the back button, the content does not scroll back to its previous position and a white space is left where the keyboard was. I have to tap the white space or another TextInput to make the content scroll down and hide the white space.

Simplifying my code is:

<ScrollView ux:Name="formScrollView">
    <StackPanel Margin="12,12,12,0">
        <TextInput />
        <TextInput />
        <TextInput />
        <!-- etc. --->

I did not use BottomBarBackground as explained in Fuse-samples because the code seems working fine apart from the last TextInput. Actually I did tried to add BottomBarBackground and DockPanel as said but the result was worse: the keyboard opened and close suddently for each TextInput or did not opened at all.