[0.21][Android]Strange bug with WhileWindowLandscape and WhileKeyboardVisible


I think I have found a strange bug when we use WhileWindowLandscape and WhileKeyboardVisible simultaneously on Android device (Work fine on preview)

I have reproduce my bug on a very small app (I have keep the same structure on my app).

So I want hide the topBar and the bottomBar when I go in landscape mode but I keep the bottomButton visible while I don’t have the keyboard visible.

So i export on my device the app and :

  • Start the app on portrait mode (topBar/bottomButton/bottomBar are visible it’s good)

  • Rotate my device (topBar/bottomBar are collapsed and bottomButton are visible it’s good)

  • Rotate again my device (topBar/bottomButton/bottomBar are visible it’s good)

  • Rotate again my device (topBar/bottomButton/bottomBar are collapsed it’s not good)

I have the bug on my 3 devices (Zte Blade / Lenovo A10-70 / Galasy S5)

(I use Windows 10)

Edit: I have set the WhileKeyboardVisible in WhileWindowLandscape/WhileWindowPortrait because if I use only WhileWindowLandscape and outside WhileKeyboardVisible(with Change and not Set) when 2 Rotate the bottomButton/bottomBar are collapsed too in portrait mode.

Edit2: I don’t know if it’s a bug too but when i use Scrollview in a dockpanel(Dock=“Fill”) and inside the scrollview I put a grid( Rows="auto, auto, 1*) and inside the grid I have TextInput / TextInput / TextView. The TextView dont take all space available in the grid. It’s because Scrollview is endless ?

             <Set topBar.Visibility="Collapsed" />
            <Set bottomBar.Visibility="Collapsed" />
            <Set bottomButton.Visibility="Visible" />

                <Change bottomButton.Visibility="Collapsed" />

             <Set topBar.Visibility="Visible" />
            <Set bottomBar.Visibility="Visible" />
            <Set bottomButton.Visibility="Visible" />
                <Change bottomBar.Visibility="Collapsed" />
                <Change bottomButton.Visibility="Collapsed" />

        <Rectangle ux:Name="topBar" Height="80" Alignment="VerticalCenter" Color="Red" Dock="Top">
            <DropShadow />

        <ScrollView Dock="Fill" ClipToBounds="true" Background="Green">
            <Grid Rows="auto, auto, 1*">
                <TextInput PlaceholderText="PlaceholderText" />
                <TextInput PlaceholderText="PlaceholderText2" />
                <TextView PlaceholderText="PlaceholderText" />

        <StackPanel Dock="Bottom">
            <Rectangle ux:Name="bottomButton" Color="#FF9A65" Height="36" Margin="6" Width="100" CornerRadius="2"/>
            <StackPanel ux:Name="bottomBar" Visibility="Visible" Height="80" Background="#152248" Alignment="VerticalCenter"/>



Someone can check the sample code and tell me if something is wrong? I don’t think it’s because I have a bug on my computer/device but we never know.

Hi, I’ve tried your project on an Android device with the Fuse 0.22 pre-release, and can’t reproduce your problem. It’s likely that this issue has been fixed. Can you please see if 0.22 fixes the issue on your devices too?

You can download Fuse 0.22 from https://www.fusetools.com/downloads/channel/qa while it’s in pre-release, when it becomes official you can get it from the normal download page https://www.fusetools.com/downloads.

As for the ScrollView quesion, please create a separate thread with a minimal example demonstrating your question.

Hi, i have try with Fuse 0.22 stable and I have the same issue :\

(uno clean before build already done)

Ps: sorry for the delay

Is this happening in preview or export? Can you please check whether this is an issue when you do fuse build -tandroid -r?