Large Text inside ScrollView disappears on iOS simulator and device

Hello! I found out that if I have a ScrollView with a large Text inside, the contents of the Text disappear on iOS (simulator and device). In the Fuse preview window the Text is visible. If I subtract the number of characters (or lower the LineSpacing) in the Text so that the length is less than about three times the screen, the contents become visible again.

Does the ScrollView have a maximum length for content?

Fuse version 1.0.0 (build 13426)
OS: MacOS 10.12.5

<Text Margin="20" TextWrapping="Wrap" FontSize="14" LineSpacing="4" Value="{text}" />

Hi Matti,

this is a known limitation, and it’s not related to ScrollView in any way.

Rendering of Text on the screen requires a given amount of memory. That amount depends on many factors, like the font you use, font size and even what the characters are (drawing a dot is easier than drawing 竜, for example). And not only that… the amount which triggers the text to disappear will vary on different target platforms, OS versions and even single devices.

So if you’re asking if there’s a maximum length for content, the answer can be both “yes” and “no”, depending on how you look at it. There certainly is a limit, but it’s not a set number of characters.

Your best bet is to split your text content into pieces and stick them back together with multiple Text elements in a StackPanel or WrapPanel, or any other fashion that works for your app design.

Hope this helps!


Looks like its <TextView /> you really want to use. This element is meant for viewing and editing large amounts of text. It also has an internal scrollview, so the text will be scrollable if its larger than the bounds of the TextView

Thanks for the suggestion! I split the string to an array using “\r\n” delimiter and pushed these text blocks inside a StackPanel with Each. Works great!