Best way to distribute to stakeholders?

Hello everyone,
I’m an UX designer and I’ve been using Fuse to quickly build interaction prototypes at the company I work at. I’m looking to find the best way to distribute my prototype to stakeholders in different parts of the company. Some of them are not used to development tools, so getting each of them to get the code running on their deviced would be time consuming and not very friendly.

Since I’m fairly new at this, how do you suggest I distribute a build of this prototype to them for internal testing? I’m looking to send out Android and iOS versions.


Hello, @Fernando_Lins.

For each platform is a different story.
For Android, you can export APK file from Fuse Studio and then share this file with coworkers. If you have Google Play Developer License, you can upload to Google Play and create a beta app for internal testing.

To share iOs app, you will need Apple Developer License. Without a license, you can only build app directly on a phone connected to PC. With a license, you can push your app to App Store and test using TestFlight, an app made for iOs app testing.

Hope this helps.