A number of API pages fail to load

Here is a list of pages failing to load:
BasicTheme Namespace - https://www.fusetools.com/developers/api/fuse/basictheme
DropShadow Class - https://www.fusetools.com/developers/api/fuse/effects/dropshadow

(I will update the list as I stumble across them)

It doesn’t look like these pages are a part of the API documentation currently deployed in production here. Did you find these links while navigating the API documentation, or elsewhere on our site?

The API documentation is a fair bit out of date compared with the libraries that ship with the latest version of Fuse - I’ll try to get these updated ASAP to have them match the latest release more closely.

They are still accessable through the searchbox under API.

Right, thanks for the feedback - I figured out what had happened here!

A new version of the docs have been deployed; the search is lagging a little bit behind, but indexing should be caught up there within a few minutes. Sorry for the delay!