Unexpected fatal error! Please report this to us. Local preview

Hello, few days ago all my projects return this:

When i run a local preview. Ive tried fuse kill-all, new projects even examples and result the same.

Can you help me to fix this ?

Hi, can you please zip up ~/.fuse/logs and send us? These logs do not contain your code or other resources, but do contain project names and paths to your projects, so if those are sensitive, you migth want to refuse. If you upload the zip to http://dropbox.com/request/Rx1QN3QluvxAJiyGJqrh, it can only be accessed by the Fuse team.

Can you also please try to open the project directory in a terminal and do fuse preview, and see if that works?

I’m getting the same issue too. Is there a fix for this?

We should be able to find a fix for this, could you please try what I suggested above so we can find out what the problem is?