3d touch [need help]

Is there any way to make 3d touch ?

I haven’t seen it implemented yet (Community packages).

You could use a long pressed trigger to simulate it within your app: https://fuseopen.com/docs/fuse/gestures/longpressed.html#section-introduction

…but for external, you would need to do some native integration with foreign code: https://fuseopen.com/docs/native-interop/foreign-code.html

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Thank you its helpful

So with Quick Actions (https://youtu.be/WIuopkLaaa0?t=17), you could just implement these few functions with foreign code: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32634024/3d-touch-home-shortcuts-in-obj-c

Like I said, you can simulate Peek & Pop in the app (https://youtu.be/WIuopkLaaa0?t=77) with long pressed.

Maybe for pressure sensitivity, you could make it in XCode and integrate the view with fuse using XCode and Android Studio Integration.

thank you :ok_hand:i still hesitating from Cordova with vuejs and html js css or Fuse im trying it out and its pretty cool i want to explore it