Use any Cordova plugin with Fuse!

Hi all,

I’ve been working on something for the past couple months that could be useful to the community - a way to use any Cordova plugin within Fuse. It started as a “let’s see how far I can get” pet project and I think it could open a door to a huge library of native plugins.

Check it out:

Currently, it only works on iOS, but it really shouldn’t be too much effort to get it working on Android. Hoping the community can help with that effort :slight_smile:

As part of the repo, I also created a wrapper for a Cordova TouchID plugin (I know Bolav has already created one for Fuse, but the Cordova TouchID plugin was a good test case) to demonstrate usage of the fuse-cordova-bridge.


Hope you all enjoy!


This is awesome Atish, we will definitely check it out! :slight_smile:

Whoah! Nice stuff! :slight_smile:


Cool, unimaginable beforehand if this can be done. It can be like a native ionic and can adapt many cordova tutorials. Development process can be faster and much easier for beginner developers who do not understand about foreign code. Many thanks.

This is fantastic. Great job. If I knew how to help with Android I most certainly would. The minute an android version of this becomes available it will take Fuse mainstream. I am so frustrated with Ionic and would love to be able to use Fuse.

Amazing work. This is something I’ve been battling with for ages with Fuse (not much support for 3rd party SDKs & plugins yet)

This is awesome! now I can kiss all other platforms goodbye. Please how soon can this be Android compatible?

This is awesome. Would love to see an Android version of this. I’d like to help, but afraid I’m skill-less in this area.

This is perfect, eager to use with android.

It has some evolution to use cordova with fusetools. Or does anyone know another way to work?