Fuse seems really great and I’m evaluating it for some ios/Android projects coming up this spring. Tired of all problems I have with Cordova based hybrid apps, Fuse looks like a gift from above. :slight_smile: So I’m hoping to be able to use Fuse instead in these projects.

One feature that is a dealbreaker for me to build the apps is Geofencing. Is this something you have on the roadmap?


Nice to hear that you are considering fuse for you upcoming projects :slight_smile: Geofencing will definitely be added to our roadmap down the line, but unfortunatly not a high priority right now. That only means that we do not provide a common abstraction in fuse, if you dont mind writing Java/ObjectiveC it is really nice to integrate it with Fuse/Uno.

Feel free to join our slack community, you can talk to other fuse users and us at fuse. Maybe someone want to help out implementing Geofencing :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions about this

Ok, thanks for your answer. I have no experience with Java/ObjC, but I’ll look into your docs to see how to create a bridge between Fuse/Uno/JS and Java/ObjC. Maybe it’s not that hard, or maybe it is. But if someone else would like to try build an integration, they are really welcome. :slight_smile: