Finally diving into Mobile Dev ... happy & hate is felt when I found Fuse (Just sharing)

Been a web dev and wep applications dev for over 15 years and I’ve always tried to avoid Mobile Dev… Was gonna dive into it during the whole Hybrid / Cordova thing but realized for the most part, webView based apps are still very slow/clunky and I needed to learn native. Tried to learn native and boy did my nose bleed. I said “F” it and stopped learning… instead I hired Native developers online for my App requirements.

Few years later I found that NATIVE dev is closer to my skillset now, thanks to React Native and NativeScript …

I’ve spent the past few weeks learning about these two, watching hours of talks and videos about them, and more hours with tutorials, and getting dirty with the code.

JS based native app development is really a huge advantage for the likes of me and I was finally able to make my own native apps!

Started with React Native coz of all the buzz around it, and it was a pleasure coding for it…

Then realized NativeScript has key advantages over RN, such as easier to code coming from my web dev background, and it has direct access to Native API right from JS! So i droped RN and started to dabble in NS…

Then, just as I was getting comfortable with NS, out of nowhere, I discovered FUSE… gawd damnit!

Dunno why after all my research I haven’t stumbled upon Fuse so I was surprised to see that there’s this other formidable contender to the JS based Native App production. In fact, looking at the code, it was clear that Fuse is more relatable to a web dev such as me. And the fact that it truly runs Native for its UI from my JS is amazing (converted during build and not interpreted during run time).

So now I’m resetting again, starting to dabble in Fuse… I love it, coz the code makes a lot more sense to me and overall it seems easier to me coming from a strong web dev background (and if it’s easier that means I’m faster and more productive) … I hate it coz well, im starting from scratch again in my quest to add Mobile developer to my skillset. lol

Anyway I just wanted to share how I got here and also express how much trust I’m putting in Fuse. I’m banking on FUSE’s approach and tech, and I really really hope I’m making the right decision (im actually nervous lol). :slight_smile:

Though they are up against the big boys (facebook/google A2), I really think fuse has the right approach, so I wish the BEST for the Fuse team!


Welcome! Thanks for sharing your background and thoughts, I hope you’ll have great success using Fuse. :slight_smile: If you have the time/opportunity, I would love to hear more about your RN and NS experiences, and how/why you’re so optimistic about Fuse. Users experiences are obviously really important to us :slight_smile: