WhileTrue inside PageControl

Hello i have this code

<PageControl ux:Name="pageControl" Transition="None">
    <NavigationMotion GotoEasing="CircularOut" GotoDuration="0.5" Overflow="Open"/>
    <WhileTrue ux:Name="canSwipeCard" Value="{canSwipe}">
        <SwipeNavigate ux:Name="swipeNavigate" ForwardDirection="Right"/>        <!-- TODO Also side (prev/next) cards don't appear as intended -->
    <Each Items="{movieList}">
        <MovieCard />

but i noticed that whileTrue inside the pageControl doesn’t work whatever value i give it. If i try the same code without the PageControl it works as i want to. Is there another way i can limit the navigation whenever i want with the Observable canSwipe ?

PageControl already has a SwipeNagiate on it. You can build the component yourself to achieve the behavior you want, for example:

    <LinearNavigation />
    <WhileTrue Value="{canSwipe}">
        <SwipeNavigate />

    <Page ux:Class="NavPage">
            <Move X="-1" RelativeTo="Size" />
            <Move X="-1" RelativeTo="Size" />

    <Each Items="{movieList}">
            <MovieCard />


Hello and thanks for the reply ( and sorry for my late reply ). The reason i used PageControl was because i have some page indicators on the bottom of my screen. The code is :

<Panel Alignment="Bottom" Padding="0,0,0,15">
    <PageIndicator ux:Name="pageIndicator" Navigation="pageControl" Dock="Bottom" Alignment="TopCenter">
        <Circle ux:Template="Dot" ux:Name="dotFac" Color="#C6C6C9" Margin="5" Width="10" Height="20">
                <Scale Factor="1.1"/>
                <Change dotFac.Color="#fed166" />

i used your code but i now can’t figure out how to use the PageIndicator code. In the Navigation property it asks to use a PageControl ux:Name. Is there a way to combine these two ?

You can use the LinearNavigation,

<LinearNavigation ux:Name="_navigation" />


<PageIndicator Navigation="_navigation />

Perfect thank you very much for the help !! Everything now works as i want !! :smiley: Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

You could also disable the interaction on the PageControl <PageControl Interaction="None"/> and then add your own swipe.

Or toggle the Interaction property with a WhileTrue and Change directly (though this should work, I’ve not tested it).

Okay i will test that too and report back with my results ! Thanks !