PageControl Error


If I have something like that (a PageControl inside a Page that is in a DirectNavigation):

    <DirectNavigation ux:Name="_navRegisterLogin" Active="1" />
        <Page ux:Cascade="false">
                <Move Y="1" RelativeTo="Size" Duration="2" Easing="CircularIn" EasingBack="ElasticIn" />
                <Move Y="2" RelativeTo="Size" Duration="2" Easing="CircularOut" EasingBack="ElasticIn" />

<Page ux:Name="1">
    <Panel DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" Padding="2">
        <PageIndicator PageProgress="ThePages" Alignment="HorizontalCenter"/>

    <PageControl ux:Name="ThePages">

<Page ux:Name="2">

All the slides of the PageControl are Actives (the dots are all 100% fill) and the ActivatingAnimation dont work!