Can't disable the swipe gesture of a PageControl

(Fuse v. 1.1.0 13798)

I’m trying to disable the swipe gesture of a PageControl with:

<WhileTrue Value="{MyValue}">
     <Change MyPageControl.Interaction="None" />

<PageControl ux:Name="MyPageControl">

But only work on the preview not in the device. In my device (Android) I can’t swipe the pageControl if MyValue is false or `true``

How can I solve this?

Hi Cristian,

I gave it a go and found that it’s working just fine on both my local and Android preview. Built the following complete, minimal repro:

		var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
		var isLocked = Observable(false);
		function toggleLocked() {
			isLocked.value = ! isLocked.value;
		module.exports = {
			isLocked: isLocked,
			toggleLocked: toggleLocked
		<Panel Dock="Top" Height="56" HitTestMode="LocalBounds">
			<Text Value="Toggle" Alignment="Center" />
				<Callback Handler="{toggleLocked}" />
		<WhileTrue Value="{isLocked}">
			<Change pc.Interaction="None" />
		<PageControl ux:Name="pc">
				<Text Value="Page 1" Alignment="Center" />
				<Text Value="Page 2" Alignment="Center" />

P.S. I also tried with a UX-only approach, which uses a <Toggle ... /> targeting the WhileTrue and it worked just fine there too.

If your problem persists, it’s likely outside of the code you’re showing. Please post a complete, minimal repro that shows the problem.

I update FUSE and now work perfect! Thanks!