Webview progressbar


When recreating a solution using found on: https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/howto_discussions/loading_page_in_webview.

I experience a problem with the status/loading bar keeping the 100% state when moving onto the next url. Any suggestions on how to reset when continuing browsing?

<Panel ux:Class="LoadingBar" Width="0%" Height="10" Color="#fc0" Alignment="Left" />

    <LoadingBar Dock="Top" ux:Name="_loadingBar" />
    <NativeViewHost Dock="Fill">
                <Change _loadingBar.Width="100%" />
                <!-- active while a page is loading -->

ProgressAnimation is bound to the state of your WebView - if it’s busy loading a page, the progress animation will run, disregarding the URL.

Are you saying that you only want it to run for one particular URL? Then you could probably use WhileTrue, WhileString or a similar trigger (data-bound to the criteria you need) to only show the ProgressAnimation when you need it.

Please provide more details for context.

Hi again Uldis!

I want it to show the current loading state of the page that I am on.
It works for the first page, showing state 0% all the way through 100%. But when I follow a link, it currently shows 100% even if it has started processing a new url.

I load www.mywebsite.com/firstpage, then on that page, there is a link to /secondpage. When I follow the link to /secondpage, it keeps the 100% state from /firstpage. (it never resets the progressbar).

My tests on a Nexus 5 running Android 6.0 show the expected behaviour. If you’re seeing something else, please post a complete repro and include details about the setup you’re testing on, including OS, mobile target, if it’s preview or build version of the app etc.

It works on an old Android running 4.3, but breaks on Iphone 6S running IOS 10.3.3.
On the IOS device im running fuse build --target=iOS -adebug. While on the Android i have installed a preview APK.

This might be a related problem? : https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/howto_discussions/create_browser_with_webview

If anything, the two targets should at least be working the same in this case. I’m not sure which is the right behaviour and if it’s not just an “OS thing”. I’ve raised a ticket so we can investigate it further.

Thanks Uldis!

Hi Uldis

Any updates on this topic? We’re getting the same results with the webview not resetting the progressbar on iOS for the subsecuents urls loaded.

A ticket has been made, so the team is aware of the bugs existence. However, an ETA can’t be promised at this time.