Loading Page in Webview

Hi guys anyone know how i make a webview with a loading page for example i need a app with webview and when you open the app a loading bar appears how can do that? like a explorer

*Loading… or a circle loading.


That should be easy to make :slight_smile: Since a WebView is a component that loads and stuff it supports some triggers that will help you out with this.

Consider this example:

<Panel ux:Class="LoadingBar" Width="0%" Height="10" Color="#fc0" Alignment="Left" />

    <LoadingBar Dock="Top" ux:Name="_loadingBar" />
    <NativeViewHost Dock="Fill">
                <Change _loadingBar.Width="100%" />
                <!-- active while a page is loading -->

<ProgressAnimation /> lets you animate stuff based on the loading progress of the WebView, and the <WhileLoading /> is pretty much self explanatory :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: