Control similar to UIProgressView, progress bars?

Hi, I’ve been reading the documentation and couldn’t find any controls similar to a progress bar. It’s also not listed in the upcoming features. Are there any tutorials to help with this or something I might have missed?


We havent wrapped the native progress bars yet. However, making a custom progress bar in pure UX should be an easy task, as long as you have access to the loading infomation you need. Could you describe your use-case a bit closer?

We really need some sort of progressbar :slight_smile: It should be easy to make one in UX, please consider this example:

<App Theme="Basic">

        <Panel ux:Class="ProgressBar" ux:Name="_progressBar" MinHeight="48">
            <double ux:Property="Progress" />
            <Timeline InitialProgress="0" TargetProgress="{Property _progressBar.Progress}" >
                <Change Target="_bar.Width" Value="100" Easing="QuadraticInOut" />
                <Rectangle Width="0%" ux:Name="_bar" Alignment="Left" Margin="2">
                    <SolidColor Color="#fc0" />
                <Stroke Width="2">
                    <SolidColor Color="#000" />

            <Button Text="Test">
                    <Change Target="_progressBar.Progress" Value="1" Duration="0.5" />
            <ProgressBar ux:Name="_progressBar" Margin="2" />

Kristian, Vegard, thanks for the replies!

I just need to create a prototype that shows different download states for files, it doesn’t need to be accurate, just “make-believe”. But I did want them to look somewhat familiar to each OS design. This will do for now. Thanks!