AWS Mobile Hub is out - Support for AWS SDK needed!

Hey, AWS Mobile Hub beta is out. Is it or will it become possible to use Fuse with it?

At the moment it appears they only offer native SDK support. If they had offered a JS client API, then it would’ve worked out of the box :slight_smile: . But since our primary focus right now is JS/UX Markup workflow and hammering out the kinks in our product, and this is just one of a large number of SDK’s we could support, it’s unlikely we’ll add support for it specifically in the very near future. In the slightly less near future though, it’s definitely something we’ll be looking into :slight_smile:

That said, it’s entirely possible for you or any other user to wrap this yourself, and even provide a nice API to JavaScript if need be :slight_smile:

Leonardo, did you ever end up using AWS with FUSE?

I see this thread was 11 months ago, and now there is a React Native SDK which may be helpful: