VS Code Debugging fails

Hi all,

I am trying to debug the Fuse example app using VS Code (1.8.1) without success. I start the app using the terminal command:
‘fuse preview . DDEBUG_V8’ from the root directory of the created app. When the app appears I click the run button within the debug window of VS Code. After a little break the message ‘Cannot connect to runtime process (timeout after 10000 ms).’ appears.

I follow all instructions from the video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GloEpBr2lK0&feature=youtu.be) but debugging still not works. I use the standard launch.json configuration with an valid node.js installation.

Does someone knows whats wrong.


It sounds like you are doing it right, but is that your exact command line? Looks like you are missing a dash -, it shoudl read:

fuse preview . -DDEBUG_V8

doh i missed the dash…thanks for removing the tomatoes from my eyes :slight_smile: