Visual Studio Code Plugin

Visual Studio Code is my primary text editor for development. Is there a fusetool plugin or plans to develop a plugin for VS code, just like we have for Sublime and Atom?

Why, yes, of course there is! See Fuse Extension.


Thanks or the pointer Uldis.

Are there instructions to activate this plugin in use? I’ve installed the plugin to VS Code but don’t see a way to configure Fuse to recognize it. As a result, Fuse is prompting to set up an editor; but the setup guide only shows Atom or Sublime install options.

How do I configure Fuse to use Visual Studio Code?


Fuse does not officially have support for that plugin, but it should work just fine (and it is the one we recommend for VSCode).

If syntax highlighting and code completion is working fine for you in VSCode, you can just tick “Don’t warn again” in the dialog that complains about no plugins having been installed.