Debug using fuse preview?


The fusetools documentation says:

"Targets that use the V8 JavaScript engine include Android, DotNet (including local preview) on both OS X and Windows, CMake on OS X, and MSVC on Windows.

Fuse uses the V8 JavaScript engine and its debugger protocol. Fuse applications that are built using the -DDEBUG_V8 automatically listen for connections on a local socket, port 5858. While any debugger that uses the V8 debugger protocol should work in principle, we recommend using Visual Studio Code, which is available both for OS X and Windows."

How do you do this using the local preview? “fuse preview -DDEBUG_V8” simply returns the error “Could not find a fuse project to preview”, which is nonsense as “fuse preview” in the same directory works.

Any help would be appreciated.

Check out this video tutorial:

Found the problem. The command is “fuse preview . -DDEBUG_V8”

Thanks for the help

Where have these videos moved to? (or updated version)