'Video' does not have a property called 'File'

Guys, I have a problem that couldn’t find a proper solution and the mistery is that it happened from one day to another. By this I mean it was working and next day it wasn’t.

I have this code:

<App Background="Black">
    <Page ux:Class="Splash">
      <Video File="videos/test.mp4" AutoPlay="true" IsLooping="true" StretchMode="Fill" >

But I receive the following errors:

  • ‘Video’ does not have a property called ‘File’ (this for each property)
  • ‘Video’ doesn’t fit here. ‘Panel’ does not have any content properties that accept ‘Video’

I’m pretty sure the error it’s neither of those but a previous syntax error, just want to make sure this is correct and if you have a hint I would be grateful.


What version of Fuse are you using?

Also: did you see the new example app which also uses video for best practices on how to do it? If not, the source is on Github and the tutorial is in our docs.