Custom properties of extended Video element

I’m currently refactoring from 1.6 to 1.8.1 and having issues with my custom elements.
I have made extension for Video element.

<Video ux:Class="CustomVideo" ux:AutoCtor="false" VideoUrl="" Start="0" End="0" ProgressChanged="OnProgressChanged">

    <float ux:Property="Start" />
    <float ux:Property="End" />
    <string ux:Property="VideoUrl" />


and have a partial class CustomVideo in . All the methods seems to be working ok, but I get errors about parameters.
I use this CustomVideo in my code and add some parameters to it.

<CustomVideo HitTestMode="None" ux:Name="video" Start="{Property this.Start}" End="{Property this.End}" Width="100%" Height="100%" AutoPlay="false" MinHeight="60" MinWidth="60" StretchMode="Uniform" IsLooping="true">

Compiler says

Error E8001: 'CustomVideo' does not have a property called 'HitTestMode'.
Error E8001: 'CustomVideo' does not have a property called 'Start'.
Error E8001: 'CustomVideo' does not have a property called 'End'.

Should I register my parameters some how as well in my code?



To data bind and use properties in UX, you need refer them in class like this:

<Video ux:Class="CustomVideo" ux:AutoCtor="false" VideoUrl="{Property VideoUrl}" Start="{Property Start}" End="{Property End}" ProgressChanged="OnProgressChanged">
    <float ux:Property="Start" />
    <float ux:Property="End" />
    <string ux:Property="VideoUrl" />

<CustomVideo Start="0" End="1" VideoUrl=""/>

By the way, Video class got Url and File parameters. Maybe VideoUrl property wont be needed.
And Video doesn’t have HitTestMode parameter.

Hope this helps.