Using Firebase Notification on iOS

Hi everyone,

Firstly I want to thank this community for this amazing project.

By the way I’m having some troubles with the push notifications system.
I’d like to use Firebase notifications on iOS without using iOS APN.

On the firebase console page there is a script to add to your iOS project to start using firebase push notifications but i’m not familiar to Objective-C and I don’t like to copy and paste random stuff.
@import UIKit;
@import Firebase;

@implementation AppDelegate

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application
didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
  [FIRApp configure];
  return YES;

I know there are already a lot of post regarding this topic but none of this is about to using only firebase push without APN.

Is it possible to do what i’m asking for?
If it isn’t, would someone help me using the traditional Firebase + APN approach ?
I tried with this solution FuseExample_Using_APNS_and_Firebase_Together but there is no way i achieve triggering the Push.onRegistrationSucceeded or Push.onRegistrationFailed on iOS (still haven’t tried on Android).

If someone helps me it would be amazing, I’m working on this for weeks.


I use this solution to use fcm on iOS and Android

Thanks Cristian, i’ll give it a try and let you know asap.
But does it use FCM even on iOS? Because i read

var PushiOS = require("FuseJS/Push");
var PushAndroid = require("Firebase/Notifications");
var Push;
    Push = PushiOS;
} else {
    Push = PushAndroid;

Tomorrow I can check my code in the app but I have a version that work in iOS an Android with fcm with the same code and library. Now I don’t have my computer.

Im not sure it is the same I send you. I will upload to my git and I will post it here

It would be amazing, really appreciated.


Try with this one

You need to require var Push = require(“Firebase/Notifications”); not Notifications.Android.

Awesome, i’ll try it tonight as soon as i get home.

Thanks, really appreciated.