How can i push ios with firebase

i read a lot of web texts
and i create this code image
so i can get FCM key by APNS key

but problem is
this FCM key didn’t work
when i send to android with FCM key(regID) i can get message
but when i send to ios with FCM key(converted above code,printed by response.results[0].registration_token) , i can’t get message and any event created

is there need more step to doit?

i send message by firebase console. not api

Please check this repository to learn how to set up both Firebase and APNS. And yes, you need to use both.

ok i read that repository
readme file is just say stub… so i read code
i heard that FCM can use both ios and android in fuse
but your repository link code is created one by one policy(ios with APSN)

i don’t know how to push with only APNS.

homepage give this links , but this is little complecated to me compare to FCM console

Push notifications have never been very easy TBH.
Perhaps you can configure your Firebase instance somehow to forward the necessary notifications to APNS? I remember reading something about that someplace.

Bottom line: yes, you need to use both Firebase (for Android) and APNS (for iOS) in Fuse.

thanks to reply me
i will more study about APNS