Help me with APNs

How come I download this repo and run it without changing + adding two required files .json and .plist from firebase and still doesn’t work on iOS. On Android it works perfectly. Its been a while I try finding the problem but couldn’t. Any help will be nice. My app relies mostly on push notification.

Other dev also acknowledge that there is a problem with APNs

Thank you

The repo you linked expects you to use Fuse.APNS. It’s about “using APNS and Firebase together” after all. Did you put that in your project too?

Yup I did that. So far no success. :frowning:

You will need to share much more specific details than “doesn’t work on iOS” for us to provide any kind of assistance.

Umm… I download above file and tried… I don’t know what specific detail you want…since I am a noob at programming. Just want to know if that repo still works as of today.

Yes, that repo still works.

As for the specific details: if something isn’t working as expected, you must provide a complete, minimal reproduction that shows the problem. Here’s a good explanation of what that is: MCVE.