URLScheme and webview handler bug

Fuse version is 0.36.1

Windows7 Pro x64


Urlscheme The name can not be capitalized.

webviewhandler does not recognize it.

I need yuor help…

If it is not capitalized, we will have to fix all other apps.

And it also responds to characters after :// in <a href> link address in webview.

For example, if URLscheme is ‘company’.

company://datatest will work as expected.


If you want to go to http://www.abc.com/company/index.html it will not work.

webviewhandler is interfering.

Hi dev,

This is currently a known issue. It occurs when any part of your urlscheme is in the URL. A fix is being worked on, and when that is released we’ll let you know.

For now, the recommended approach is to use a unique URL scheme, e.g company-JG3234DL or something to that affect.

Is there any news to fix this issue?