Globals cannot be used with WebView


Global properties cannot be used with WebView::Url

Passing the url as a direct literal works:

	<WebView Url="" />

But assigning from a global does not and silently fails (as if no Url was specified):

<string ux:Global="Url" ux:Value="" />
	<WebView Url="{Url}" />

Also, attempting to manually us:Binding in the “Url” reports:

Fuse.Controls.WebView does not expose a bindable property called 'Url'

Expected Behaviour

WebView::Url should either be bindable, or the docs should make clear this is not possible.


You are using a databinding, not a resource binding. Try this:

<WebView Url="{Resource Url}" />

Alternatively, if you always want to refer to the global (no dynamic lookup):

<WebView Url="{= Url}" />

Oh, sorry, I got muddled

{Resource Url} works fine for me, cheers!

{= Url} doesn’t. I get No type with value binding alias '=' found

If I try hooking it through a function like {= toLower(Url)} (it’s a lowercase url anyway) I get no errors, but the url still does not work. Why is this?