Update image with the same URL


I want to update the image with the same URL.

The issue is that When I update the image then I retrieve URL of the updated image but an image of ImageView cannot change immediately. When I close the app and reopen the app then after I can see updated image on ImageView.

So, What is the best way to update image immediately with the same URL?

I had the same problem when fetching images from my server. If the image changed on the server it won’t update in Fuse. This happened because the image changed but it kept the same name. As I was fetching data from my server every time a image changed I renamed it. By renaming the image you are forcing Fuse to download it again and not to retreived it from the cache. If you can’t rename the image try changing the cache property.

What if you added some random parameters to the URL? Like https://www.domain.com/image.jpg?random=123 ?