How to cache an Image that was previously downloaded

Hi All,

I have a webservice that gets me some info thru a JSON response, on the response I have a link to a logo Image, on my main page I do download the image with I need to know if there is some kind of caching mechanize do I can reuse the image in page 2 ( detail View) with having to re-download it again.

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Did not know how to add code, HttpImage url="" that is how i get the image on Main Page

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Hi Hakim,

Were you able to solve your problem?

You are right that you can use a HttpImageSource Url=".. to reuse the same image source on multiple pages.

Hi Anders,

The problem with that is that it get redownloaded each time I call it, can you confirm this? that is what I hae observed, and it is the reason I am loonking to see if there is any kind of caching mechanism to avoid the repeated download of a same image.

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Hi Anders,

I tested the HttpImageSource Url="… on multiple pages and I can confirm that it is cached and did not have to be re-downloaded in other pages.

Thx Problem Solved. :slight_smile: